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WAAN Transport Fleet Management Service:

This is strictly recommended for vehicle owners and investors who want to invest in the TRANSPORT BUSINESS without participating in the DAY-TO-DAY operations of the vehicle based on Hire Purchase or Remittance.

This service features the following:


The vehicle can be managed under Hire Purchase terms


Vehicle Tracking Management

50% ROI:

The investor gets 50% Return on Investment (ROI) on the value of the car (For Hire Purchase)


Weekly vehicle operation report sent to the email of the vehicle owner or uploaded to the vehicle owner’s portal on our Website.


A monthly inspection and engine oil change is carried out by our Team


Maintenance and Vehicle Management on Steady monitoring. 

Pay day:

A monthly payout of N80,000 – N120,000 (Depending on the value of the car)

Driver To Earn:

Vehicle ownership is transferred to the driver after the investor receives both capital/car value and ROI at the end of the Hire Purchase Tenure.

Responsibility of hp:

The vehicle owner or investor handles the renewal of the insurance policy and vehicle particulars.

Job Opportunity:

Driver recruitment and guarantor verification by our Team.

Responsibility of hp:

WAAN Transport Services Ltd is ready to do Business With You Based On Clean and Secured Agreement.

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Our Investors Should Know This:

Monitor Your Investment Online

We have a beautiful system in place that enables you to monitor your investment (Car or Funds) Online From our website. 

  • See Your Car Status (Report and Update of the Car)
  • Login to your Monitor Portal to Get Live update
  • See worth of investment, how much you've received & Balance
  • The link is Mobile friendly, You can check from Mobile Phone and other gadgets like Laptop e.t.c.
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You Make 50% Interest.

Investors make 50% interest on the value of the Car or the amount invested, e.g. Invest a Car of worth N2,000,000 or equivalent cash then you earn total of N3,000,000 back (Value + 50% Interest)

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Monthly Repayment Up To N80,000, N100,000 or N120,000
We Use Only Comprehensive Insurance:

To protect your investment and give you zero risk of loss, we make sure all our cars are equipped with COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE. 

  • No Fear of Accident
  • No Fear of Theft 
  • Funds are safe
  • Cars are safe
All Our Cars Are Fully Tracked:

Knowing Fully well and having a good knowledge of how important and vital it is to keep track on the movement of the car and to monitor it's location 24/7. So partner with a reliable Tracker Company to make sure we get all our cars tracked and have a dedicated eye to monitor the tracker.

  • We set Speed Limit alert (We automatically get notification when our cars get to 120)
  • We Set tamper alert for battery and major senssitve part of the car
  • We set geo-monitoring alert (Cars remain within Abuja and we get update if it move outside Abuja region)
  • We have Taskforce and Partners in Law enforcement for quick response to SOS from Drivers about the cars